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Stealth Exhaust

There’s an on-going debate in my deer hunting camp about the trade-offs between using ATV’s or walking to our stands. ATV’s don’t leave human scent on the ground, but are loud – making it easier for the deer to pinpoint your location – whereas walking is quiet, but leaves scent the entire way to your stand. Sure, we’d love to get an electric vehicle, but it’s not an affordable option for us. Enter the Stealth Exhaust system. I picked one up before the bow opener last year and was really surprised by how much this reduced the sound of my ATV. Let me be clear, this didn't make my machine completely silent, but if you do use an ATV to get to and from your stand, this will definitely help your cause. And while it’s not scientific evidence, I did see more deer compared to previous years, and I did harvest one of my best bucks – all while using the Stealth Exhaust. – Kevin

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