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A hunter aiming his rifle while walking through the woods during a sunset


Whether your journey requires one horse or 400hp; from woodlands to farmland, from marsh to mountain, the need to protect your most important gear is always there. That’s where we come in: building the smartest and toughest protection solutions to keep your investments – and you for that matter – safe and sound no matter what nature dishes out. We are authentic outdoorsmen that created our first gun case over 75 years ago and have been making outdoor solutions better ever since. Always intuitively designed by engineers who live for the outdoors. And always guaranteed to perform, even in the most demanding environments. And we know that keeping you and your gear safe ultimately leads to what we all live for… better hunts, better rides, turning work into fun, stronger legacies, and lasting traditions.

Thank you for choosing Kolpin® and carrying on a time-tested lineage of passionate outdoorsmen who demand the best gear to help them live the life they love.


Something New is nothing new for Kolpin. As pioneers of the ATV/UTV accessory and Outdoor gear market, we continue to reinvent and redefine the industry standards with innovations such as the world-renowned Gun Boot®, High Rise Snow Plow system, Stealth Exhaust, DirtWorks™ implements and many other great products Kolpin’s dedication to innovation is reflected in our ability to continuously deliver new value to our customers.

Highly Engineered

Kolpin products are highly engineered and tooled to create a new dimension of performance. Our in-house engineers utilize 3D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) renderings and design software to elevate our products above the industry standards. The process evolves from there - to prototyping, field and performance testing and finally to supplier and consumer testing. The result: fewer design changes and better product designs which ensure we deliver the most innovative, highly-featured products available.

Product Strategy

Fundamental to our product strategy is using the product we make and constantly thinking of ways we can improve and innovate the products to make life better for our three consumer types:

  • Hunter/Outdoorsmen
  • Recreational Trail Riders
  • Rancher/Farmer/Land Owner

By working closely with everyday users and retailers of our products, we strive to meet the needs of these three groups before they even know they have them.


Kolpin is the leader in the ATV/UTV accessory and outdoor gear industry by design. Our product designs are driven from the outside in. We utilize information attained from the ATV and UTV off-road community, rider clubs, farmers, hunters and enthusiasts to continuously transform the accessory and gear marketplace.

Support the Sport

Kolpin believes strongly in the “work hard- play hard” mentality and we are dedicated to preserving the powersports and outdoor lifestyle for future generations. Kolpin proudly donates product, financial aid and human resources to many rider clubs, conservation organizations and educational programs.