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Switchblade Plow

Switchblade Plow Operating Guidelines

Thank you for purchasing the Switchblade Plow System from Kolpin!

This product was designed to provide an affordable, high-quality plow system with a universal mount that will easily fit on the majority of ATV’s/UTV’s available.   


This entry-level plow system is designed for the homeowner, and is completely bolt-together.   As such, this product requires maintenance that differs from a commercial-grade, fully welded system.  It is important to check all nuts and bolts periodically for tightness, paying special attention to the mount on the machine as well.  Also inspect key items such as the wear bars, skid shoes, and blade spring tension adjustment before use.  When properly maintained, your Switchblade plow will provide many years of uninterrupted use!


Limiting your speed is extremely important when plowing with your ATV/UTV.  In order to avoid damage to the plow, your machine, and most importantly for operator safety, the recommended vehicle speed when plowing snow is 5 MPH.  Excessive speed is the single largest cause of operator injury, damage to the plow system and damage to the machine.   


When plowing snow, it important to first determine where you want the snow to be piled.  In the beginning of the snow season, remember that the plowed snow initially needs to be placed far enough away from the drive surface to allow extra area for new snow as the season progresses.  


Early piled snow tends to freeze and once that occurs, the icy mix becomes virtually immovable.  Your Switchblade system or any other ATV/UTV plow is NOT designed to handle large frozen piles of snow!


Determine your direction, and angle the blade as necessary to make full passes and turns as wide as possible.  Try to start in the center of the drive and plow outward-the goal is to minimize time spent repositioning and backing up.  Raising and lowering the blade excessively takes additional time and increases wear and tear on the lifting mechanism.  Take the time to make a mental note of where curbs, posts or other hidden objects may be located in order to avoid damage to your plow or machine.  And finally, be sure to abide by the 5 MPH rule when operating your plow.   


Your Switchblade carries a ONE-YEAR warranty for any defective components.  PLEASE NOTE, this warranty DOES NOT apply to wearable parts or components that are bent due to excessive speed, improper use or hitting an immovable object.  Each Switchblade is supplied with a parts list-please keep this on hand for future use or replacement parts orders.


Thank you for purchasing a Kolpin product!