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Top 3 Snow Plow Tips

Top 3 Snow Plow Tips

Top 3 Tips from Snow Plowing Veterans

Keep the Long View in Mind
For first time ATV/UTV snow plow operators, it is difficult to think too far beyond the first time clearing your driveway after that first big snow of the season. Your first plowing session of the season is very important in that it is mandatory to set the boundary for the season, and very important to push the snow out bit further than the border of your driveway. This will give you room to push additional snow and keep the border of your driveway from creeping in. You can adjust the height of the blade edge to your preference by the blade skid shoes to protect your yard.

As the season progresses, the snow from the initial plowing often will freeze, and become the biggest single hazard for a new plow operator. The melt and freeze cycles of the winter tend to leave ice accumulations along the borders that wreak havoc on equipment. Slamming into thick chunks of ice can cause bent tubes, blades or even cause operator injury. A little pre-planning is priceless by the time the winter ends.

Traction- Weight or chains?
There are two schools of thought here; add extra weight or get tire chains. To answer this question, it really depends on what you have under the snow. Using chains can definitely damage a concrete driveway over time or rototill your nice lawn, so adding sandbags or boxes filled with extra weight above your rear wheels may be the answer. On icy surfaces, tire chains are the best way to assist your ATV/UTV with additional pushing power. You can also take a half-a-blade-width cut approach when plowing thru the snow to provide more traction to the vehicle.

Don’t Wait For the Snow to Stop
If possible, meet the storm while it hits. Plowing with the storm on your first time out will allow you to fine tune the placement of your plow and get the feel of the width of turns you’ll need to make on each pass. It is a smart practice to get out early and begin the clearing process. Plowing 12 inches of wet heavy snow all at once is not nearly as easy as plowing 3-4 inches of snow three times. Plus, if you’re like most ATV/UTV owners, getting out and riding is what you live for. And once you get a taste for the fun of plowing, a big snowstorm can actually be something you look forward to tackling!